My name is Samantha Knightbridge, formerly known as ‘Samy’. I’m an artist, writer, poet and natural wellness adviser from Auckland, New Zealand.

We have just entered 2020, a new decade, a new year. Last year was one of transition. Many emotional experiences were endured, which created a strong sense of grounding, and changed my view on this life. Before this, I was on a path to what appeared logical – graduating with my bachelors of Arts, becoming self-employed, buying my first car and getting my first place. These were massive boxes I had finally been able to tick. Despite becoming a teenage mother and living with mental illness I was – and I am proud of myself. But yet at the time, I still had a sense of emptiness…

My art eventually lead me to my ‘awakening. As a full-time artist I was doing many commissions, I started to naturally attract a theme of memorial portraiture. I was literally drawing dead people for a living.I was not acknowledging my art as the spiritual practice that it is, my Hauora (well-being) started to deteriorate as the demand for commissions increased. My mental health diminished… my portraits were releasing energy that did not belong to me.

I finally stopped taking commissions. Until I learnt more about myself, my purpose as an artist, as a spiritual woman, an indigenous woman, a dedicated mother and a strong believer.

This acknowledgment encouraged my Hauora to flourish, becoming aware of how intuned our mental, spiritual, physical and social elements are and how just one of them becoming unbalanced affects our entire well-being. This awareness planted a seed… “Miss Hauora”

I have always had a subconscious connection to spirit and an intellect others my age struggled to relate to. Now when my shoulders feel heavy, I have a true platform to express myself.

When my fingertips aren’t tapping a keyboard or covered in charcoal, you can find me at New Zealand’s leading home of Natural Health, as I further pull myself into the wisdom of Hauora and natural healing.

Last but not least, I’m grateful to end each day in the arms of my partner and our greatest masterpiece.. our 7-year old daughter – Noelle. ♡