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The 'unprecedented',
Is now the headline of 2020.
A chapter never seen,
just after our world started burning.

Mother Earth once again,
has proven her power,
and reminding all ...
Who took her for granted.

She provides all that we need,
to live TOGETHER in harmony.
Some got her message,
Others prefer power and money.

She launched her frustration,
into our atmosphere.
With poisoned droplets.
That has sparked our worse fear.

She carefully chose,
The heaviest land to start.
By just one touch,
Death struck our heart.

Her emotions dived,
into our plastic seas.
Leading strong waves,
to polluted countries.

Her energy branched out,
like the forbidden tree.
She was the snake,
and we were Eve...

All our made systems,
dropped as quick as her victims.
Our economy, our education
... our civilization.

Some leaders acted too slow,
and that outcome has shown.
Others learnt from the worst,
and are telling all to STAY HOME.

Unseen is her touch,
the reason she grows.
But lets hope she will rest,
with less cars on the roads.

She stopped the whole world,
and clicked on 'Reset'
Because we didn't listen,
She just needed a rest...

We keep trashing her spirit,
Her revenge took only a second..
Don't just read it as a crisis,
Take it as a lesson. 🌏💚





By Miss Hauora

Written during the COVID-19 lock down in New Zealand.

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  • Thank you so much for Blessing us with your special Gift. You are an absolute Inspiration xx


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