Twenty nineteen, what a year it had been.
Changes galore, I don't know where to begin?

I started the year, turning 25,
an Aquarius girl, living life at a high.

I quit my club job, when Feb came about
I was making a living, by chasing clout …

By the end of that month, my neighbour tried taking her life,
Her house lit in flames, with her kid still inside

We couldn't live there anymore, so I gave my notice,
My tenancy ended, despite nearly homeless.

But Gods plan came to light, and put a house in our sight,
Teased me with romance, and put a man by my side.

Just as the light had shined, grief had arrived …
My best friend had called, there's been another suicide …

Its only March, and my heart is aching.
I start to hibernate, and focus on drawing.

My emotions are crazy, I become an introvert.
But the portraits keep coming, It began to hurt

I realised my work - were all memorials
I drew the deceased, and could hear their souls …

My aura was draining, this was too much,
I stopped taking orders, my art had lost touch.

A month in limbo, exploring my feelings.
It felt like a lifetime, finding my being …

As time passed, so did the anxiety
I was offered a job, within natural healing.

I learn everyday, while helping the sick,
Teach them to heal, by 'mind, body, spirit'

It's almost 2020, and the lessons have been many.
I'm drawing again, and writing plenty!

My new years vision, is a fresh identity …
To reflect my transition, and all my teachings.

So here we are, for those near and far,
I welcome you to ... 'Miss Hauora' 😌❤️

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