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One may say 'Healthy'
One may say 'Sane'
It could mean living a life,
without pain.

Its true definition,
Sits in silence,
It's simple, yet hard.
Her name is called 'BALANCE'

She is the home of four daughters.
Each with unique gifts.
They are the foundation,
Together - there's no limit.

The first daughter is 'SOCIAL'
She’s the warmth between beings.
She is both family and friends.
She provides the ultimate healing.

Her closest sister is 'MIND'
They work magic together.
Both feed happiness and love,
transforming emotions for the better.

The third daughter is 'BODY'
The ultimate temple.
Without her nourishment,
the others would stumble.

Lastly, is 'SPIRIT'
Our faith and insight into the soul.
Without her presence,
we will never feel whole.

We must keep them standing tall.
They are what makes us,
without them, we'll fall.

Built by a mother and four sisters,
who continue to grow.
It's about time we acknowledge,
and nurture our HOME.






 Written by Miss Hauora


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