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Dear Jack

It was Wednesday 13th,
When your sister told me.
You took your own life
So you could find peace.
I was angry and sad, for Brookey and for you.
Your mother, and your friends...
No one knew what to do.
As much as theres grief, confusion and tears.
Those closest to you knew - you were fighting for years ...
Your departure is still raw, the emotions are high.
We understand, but some question why.
I wrote on your casket, that I’m proud of you..
I knew in this form, life was hard to pursue.
But your love for your family, kept you here for this long. May they find closure, knowing you’re where you belong.
Flying high in the sky ...
With your wings spreadout wide,
Until we meet you again,
In about 7 months time 👶🏻
The circle of life
How it works in odd ways?
But we couldn’t know joy,
Without some dark days ...
I’ve feared to acknowledge,
There’s been 50 others,
Our country had fallen,
In only 48 hours.
I’ll support your sister,
During this time in her life
It’s time to start healing,
One step at a time ...
That third week of autumn,
has completely changed me.
My bro you’ll be missed
But you’re finally free .... 🕊💫

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